Typical Conversation With My Brother

Mikey, my little brother: My team the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.

Me: Dang. I can’t believe it’s leaving Chicago. It’s been like an old friend.

Mikey: Don’t worry, it’ll come back. Love always finds a way.

Other stuff:

  • Helped with an anniversary party a few days ago and made $75 ūüôā
  • Past the 1000 page mark in¬†Gone With The Wind!¬†(~450 left)
  • Upgraded¬†my¬†New Play Exchange account for my birthday and now have a very long play reading list, which is exciting. If you’re interested in making an account and reading a ton of free plays, I’d recommend¬†Alice in War by Steven Bogart. Read it today and it was great.
  • After a year of fast food I’m in the very early stages of cooking my own meals. It might be sandwiches every day, but it’s a start.