The Ties That Bind

I’ve repeatedly dreamed of snapping my phone in half while my family watches, handing them the pieces, and telling them to cut the line. Complete separation, no more contact. I have two weeks left in Chicago. In the swirl of emotions that has been the past few days, one thing has been clear: a voice crying out within me, begging me to leave.

Other stuff:

  • Part of leaving involves making things ready for my arrival, so I’ve been shopping for new clothes, furnishings, etc. It’s been both exciting and exhausting.
  • I also deleted all my pirated music. Figured it isn’t great artist karma to steal the work of other artists, and since my iPod is broken it seemed  as good a time as any. Replenishing my collection will be so emotionally/financially painful though 😦 but it’s worth it.
  • Reached a new level in cooking by successfully making french toast. Won’t be on Food Network Star anytime soon but at least it’s not a sandwich.
  • Great writing tips from Alyssa Wong (her short story Hungry Daughters of Starving Mothers is phenomenal).  Also, this Lithub article about the journals of famous writers was an engaging read.
  • Saw the musical Northanger Abbey at Lifeline Theatre and it was such a joy, especially as an Austen fan. It was in a small theater and I had a front-row seat, which ended up being a perfect viewing spot. Also, each seat had a blanket; it wasn’t cold but covering myself with the blanket meant that I couldn’t distract anyone with my excited hand movements. All in all, definitely worth seeing (and student tickets are only $20!).

Typical Conversation With My Brother

Mikey, my little brother: My team the Penguins won the Stanley Cup.

Me: Dang. I can’t believe it’s leaving Chicago. It’s been like an old friend.

Mikey: Don’t worry, it’ll come back. Love always finds a way.

Other stuff:

  • Helped with an anniversary party a few days ago and made $75 🙂
  • Past the 1000 page mark in Gone With The Wind! (~450 left)
  • Upgraded my New Play Exchange account for my birthday and now have a very long play reading list, which is exciting. If you’re interested in making an account and reading a ton of free plays, I’d recommend Alice in War by Steven Bogart. Read it today and it was great.
  • After a year of fast food I’m in the very early stages of cooking my own meals. It might be sandwiches every day, but it’s a start.