Through The Mire

My experiment is failing. I didn’t get a job this summer so that I’d have more time to read and write and it’s been a mess. Issues:

  1. It’s hard to set a schedule and stick to it when you only have one task a day. When I procrastinate I note how I have the whole day to write, until I don’t.
  2. I keep getting distracted in the morning. Waking up late and playing video games with your brother doesn’t make for a good writing life. 
  3. I beat myself up for not spending more of the day writing even when I do write. 

I’m trying to straighten the whole thing out now. Hope it works out.  

Other stuff:

  • Hung out with Kasey and her family which was great since they’re my favorites. Also Kasey’s a really good cook now. She made tacos with beans, baked sweet potato, and sauce that were phenomenal. Watching her prepare the meal felt like watching a magician. And here I am barely able to make a sandwich.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a crazy good novella. Do yourself a favor and read it (and if you say you’ve already seen the movie I’ll smack you). The fact that Capote was able to craft a character like Holly Golightly makes me jealous. No Longer At Ease and Hooded or Being Black for Dummies were also quality. Currently reading Every Day  Is For The Thief by Teju Cole.
  • This unreleased St. Vincent track from her last concert is adding to my constant hunger for new St. Vincent songs.
  • Helped build a hoop in our backyard for my little brother. He pledged me 10% of his future income should he make it to the NBA so this could be the most lucrative work of my life.
  • Kevin Durant is such a loser for going to Golden State. Moving to a team because you’re not good enough to beat them is not superstar behavior in any way. Should’ve stayed at OKC.
  • Went to a 4th of July get-together with family friends in St. Joseph, MI that was pretty fun 🙂 The highlight: watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Describing the winner, Joey Chestnut, who ate 70 hot dog in 10 minutes, the announcer said, “He has God’s username and password and he does with it what he chooses! He is American exceptionalism! He is America!”



The Blessing

It seemed like a blessing fell in my lap when I went through my mail a few days ago. My summer plan was to read and write all day, but it faced a few roadblocks: my dad constantly telling me to get a job, my limited finances, and the fact that being at home is incredibly boring. Thus, when I read a letter from a local employer looking for summer workers—$17 an hour, all majors accepted, no experience necessary—I strongly considering applying.

First, though, I had to look into it. After all, what kind of company pays $17 an hour with no experience necessary, and why does the letter have no details about the job? Normally I’d throw it out right there, but I was pretty desperate.

I looked up the district manager and he seemed to exist. LinkedIn said he was a sophomore at a local college. How does a sophomore end up district manager of anything? I wondered, but at least that part checked out. I then looked up the company, Vector Marketing. This is what turned up: Vector Marketing is the domestic sales arm of Cutco Corporation, an Olean, New York based cutlery manufacturer. Hell. No. A crappy sales job sounded hellish, and the work, while not technically a scam, was definitely not my thing. My only other encounter with Cutco was when a desperate acquaintance messaged me on Facebook so she could present knives to my parents. Not exactly a flattering image of the job. I tore up the letter and made peace with unemployment. So went my first venture into the world of job hunting.

Other stuff:

  • Finished Everything I Never Told You and it was great. Am now reading The Year of Magical Thinking. Borrowed that, Blue NightsA Raisin in the SunBossypants, and Yes Please from the library a few days ago.
  • I actually do want a job, but not badly, so I doubt I’ll end up getting one. I suppose I could join the proud, storied tradition of writer/baristas or something.
  • Related: why are so many so-called writing jobs unpaid? Some examples on Craigslist: “Write THREE melodies/songs for a one-act musical” “Art, Music, and Culture Journalism Internship” (no pay, but great opportunities for exposure!) “Music and Tech Writing Interns.” First, why the obsession with exposure? I’m a writer, not a nudist. Second, it’s bad enough not getting paid, but it’s even worse when the place offering to “expose” you is some no-name publication. Why they think their exposure is valuable is beyond me.
  • An actual blessing that fell into my lap recently is that the place I’m living in next semester will have some killer furnishing: memory foam beds, a hammock, a sofa, a desk and chair in each bedroom, and a dining room setup. Corey’s mom is officially my new favorite person.
  • Strongly considering buying a ticket for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.