A Non-Update

The year’s been off to a pretty good start. Just hoping it stays that way.

Other stuff:

  • It may be a bit early to call but my roommate seems to have stopped doing all the stuff that was causing house drama last semester and it’s like a sweet dream.
  • Break summary: Hung out with a few friends, went out to a few places, wrote some poems, and played a lot of 2K17 with my little brother. Not a terrible way to spend a few weeks.
  • The Flick by Annie Baker. So. Good. My friend Maria, a killer writer and Annie Baker lover, kept telling me to read her stuff and I kept promising I would before putting it off. But no more! I already have a copy of The Vermont Plays (a collection of four of her works) from the school library and am excited to read them.
  • You should watch Sara Dietschy’s YouTube channel. Found it through an interview a few weeks ago and watched all of her Creative Spaces TV (think MTV’s Cribs but with artists) and That Creative Life videos in one morning. Since then her vlogs have been getting me through life. Nothing like watching someone else constantly working to get you to stay on top of things.
  • Read My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante and I have definitely been struck by Ferrante Fever. Bought Frantumaglia a few days ago and have ordered books 2-4 from my school’s library. Shout out to Zoe Lance, whose blog about what she was reading encouraged me to start the series.
  • Can’t say enough good things about Jay Som. She toured with Mitski and her amazing album Turn Into got re-released last year. And now she’s releasing another album out March 10th :O Very hyped. (Update: she liked my tweet about her :):) )

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