Last Call

I’m happy that I spent the past few days adding to my 2016 to-do list, but I’m happier that I looked at my list from last year and saw what I’ve accomplished. While it’s important to set goals for improvement, it’s also important to acknowledge how far you’ve come. Sometimes we’re too quick to judge ourselves without praising our own good work. I want to fight this impulse, not only in 2016 but right now, in this moment.

Other stuff:

  • Currently ringing in the New Year at home with my little brother (shocker). I’m enjoying some quality music though so it’s not totally tragic. Who am I kidding? It’s still pretty tragic.
  • I’m reading Carol (fka The Price Of Salt) by Patricia Highsmith and it’s pretty great. Looking forward to seeing the movie.
  • Spent two hours at a thrift shop a few days ago and only left with a sweater :/ Still have almost two weeks to hit up plenty of other places though so I’m hoping for better yields.
  • Have spent a lot of time meeting up with people. which I do not regret. The constant socializing can be exhausting and not having student discount on the train anymore bites, but it’s great to see everyone.
  • I’ve refused to buy a jacket since I’ll be back in Arizona soon. Hoping that this doesn’t lead to a cold.  Really not trying to start the semester off sick.
  • I think I’m officially broke. In dire need of a parental stimulus package.
  • Oak + Char has killer burgers.

Best and worst parts of being home


  • Friends. Seeing cool people you haven’t seen in months is great 🙂
  • Shops. As I’ve said before, Tucson isn’t exactly filled with spending options.
  • No schoolwork!
  • Free laundry!!!


  • Friends, namely that I can’t see my college ones for a whole month 😥
  • Being home. So, so boring. Also, my parents have this crazy idea that I should do chores in a house I no longer live at.
  • The month-long feeling of impermanence. I haven’t bothered unpacked anything. When you’re not staying somewhere for long there doesn’t seem to be much point in setting up.