Gabe’s Malibu Dream Room


Though I’d love to keep a good-looking house, my budget’s not about that, so my room will never look as great as Jhumpa Lahiri’s. That’s a shame, since I’m sure with a house that lovely my Pulitzer-winning book would pop right out. If I weren’t broke, though, here’s what I’d get:

  1. A wooden desk that’s weathered but in a nice way, with enough room for a laptop, notebook, and a ton of food. The kind that fits right in at a trendy coffee shop.
  2. A quality laptop (light and powerful with a gorgeous screen) and a printer with infinite ink and paper.
  3. All the books I could want, but not on a bookshelf; instead they’d be stacked on the floor or on small tables/nightstands. The sort of ordered chaos that helps a room feel lived-in.
  4. A large, comfortable chair in which I could read all these books, alongside other tasteful and distinctive furnishings.
  5. Breathtaking artwork all along the walls for my creative edification.
  6. 30 Precise V7 black pens (the only pens I write with) stored in an empty Starbucks cup with my name on it.
  7. The perfect cream sweater and dark blue jeans, in multiples since I’ll be too busy being a creative genius to choose new outfits every day. A Burberry trench coat wouldn’t hurt either.

Other stuff:

  • Leaving in a week. Getting everything together last-minute as usual but I’m pretty excited.
  • I’m applying to work at my school’s writing center 🙂
  • Music Tip 1: taking advantage of Amazon Digital sales is a good way to build up one’s music library.
  • Music Tip 2: an even better way is taking advantage of amazing and legally free albums such as Telefone by Noname and HEAVN by Jamila Woods.
  • Today I learned that while I was wrong to think eating a vegan meal would kill me, I was right to think it would be lackluster.

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