Fun In Dorms

Yesterday I was in my dorm’s library talking with a few guys, most notably Mike. Mike is a very short Asian who lives in my wing. He wears glasses, rides around on a Razor scooter, and often makes offensive, unfunny jokes. For instance, if we are in the same room he never fails to remind others to “watch out, a black man’s here, he might steal something.” It wasn’t exactly charming the first time, and it’s especially grating the 20th time you hear it from someone who’s not your friend and who you never talk to.

We were all laughing about Donald Trump’s latest tweet when Mike asked, “So, are you and Dominique a thing yet?” Despite Mike’s history of saying dumb stuff, this still surprised me, not because of the question—most of my friends are women, so I’ve dealt with “when will your girl friend become your girlfriend?” throughout high school—but because Dominique is an out lesbian, something Mike should know. When I told him so, he looked slightly disappointed. “I’m so sorry for you,” he said.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because, you two would make a cute couple.” Oh, okay. I’ll be sure to tell her so she can flip on her straight switch. The only good thing about the whole encounter was that he’d asked me when Dominique wasn’t around, though that would’ve been far more entertaining.

Bonus Mike Story: When Dominique first told Mike her name, he said, ‘Actually, I think I’ll call you Sharkeisha instead.” This was at the start of the school year, before anyone knew each other, in a large group in the Common Room.

Bonus Mike Story #2: Around a month ago Mike met Corey (my roommate) and his sister, Vanessa, in the hallway. This is how that went:

 “Oh, is she in college?” Mike asked.

“No, she’s a sophomore in high school.”

“Oh, dang it,” Mike said, with a smirk and a glance towards Vanessa.


Other stuff:

  • Yesterday was enchanted 🙂
  • Finished Sex and the City yesterday morning and I don’t know what to do with my life.
  • The new Chance mixtape drops May 13th! His single Angels is pretty amazing so I’m excited.
  • So close to summer. My first grade is in and I passed my internship, though it doesn’t count towards my GPA (which is actually pretty nice since it gives you room to grow). Half done with finals, just have an essay, one on Monday, and one on Tuesday.
  • This video gives me life.

Gabe’s November Recap

Snapshot of super suspect Arizona behavior:

So the U of A vs. ASU football game was a little over a week ago, and there was a group of us watching it on This Guy’s Macbook during a cookout. Since this is a big rivalry game, people get pretty excited over it (for reasons I can’t quite fathom). Because of this, when a U of A player intercepted a pass, the group celebrated. This Guy was especially excited, standing up and hollering, looking quite like a blue-collar dad at a Super Bowl party with his fading hoodie and light blue, baggy jeans. Typical stuff, and as the next play started things died down. Except, still hyped on post-interception adrenaline, This Guy proceeded to ask about the player, “was he white?”

My friend and I exchange looks; This Guy has a history of stupid, racist remarks, and the player was very clearly black. One of us tells This Guy that. We rewind and pause to point out his skin color. This Guy’s smile fades a little.

“Oh. Well, maybe he was mixed.”

“He must’ve had white friends,” I said. “His coach is probably white. U of A’s a majority white school, maybe that’s why he made the catch.” Most people start laughing. This Guy looks at me, confused.

In other news:

  • WON NANO!!!!! What even is a sophomore slump?
  • Two weeks left in the semester, thank goodness.
  • Very into fashion reading now. Finished ‘Fruits’ and just got ‘Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty’. Suggestions are welcome.
  • Learned over Thanksgiving that my life at college is nicer than my family’s life at home.
  • Went thrift shopping for the first time ever this month (I was full of shit Neftaly, it is v. fun).
  • Nothing like ‘Gossip Girl’ and Starbucks to get through the morning.