Writer Out of Genre

^ I pray my chapbook cover is half this killer.

This semester, much of my creative energy has been going towards a chapbook I’m working on (for those who don’t know, a chapbook is a small book of poems). One could reasonably be wondering when I became a poet, and the answer would be never. I have to turn in a chapbook for my Intro to Poetry class’s final, and I want to make it as good as I can. It’ll suck since I’m not a poet, but hopefully I’ll learn a lot. I’ve been compensating for my lack of poetic talent by learning from other things, namely reading and listening to a lot of music. Fingers crossed for a decent product.

Other stuff:

  • In less than a week I’ll be eating and shopping and chilling in Chicago. Leaving two days early and taking the zeroes in the classes I’ll miss because I’ll be damned if I’m gonna sit around in class like a sucker. No idea how I’ll make it till then though.
  • Been doing a lot of internet shopping lately. Lots of artwork, a new backpack since I’m tired of using a tote bag, and some sweaters. Haven’t bought anything though since I have no money, so hopefully my parents help me out with that.
  • I got into the English Honors program 🙂
  • In other writing news, I wrote a ten minute play, Hosting With Holly, and sent it off for a few contests. It’s about this woman who has a YouTube channel where she gives tips on hosting parties, and how her first live broadcast goes horribly wrong. Hoping for a production and also need to stay on myself so I don’t get complacent and stop sending it out.
  • Spent my weekend watching vlogs, namely CatCreature’s vlogs (she goes to RISD and her life seems much more interesting than mine).
  • Finally watching Freaks and Geeks. So. Good. Also hyped about The Crown since I’m in love with period pieces (please talk to me about Downton Abbey).
  • Carmilla Movie!
  • I need a job 😦

Portrait of a Young Artist

This morning I heard about Ratsliveonnoevilstar, an Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) EP released in 2003 and recorded while she was at Berklee College of Music. Being a huge St. Vincent fan, I played it immediately. It’s good. Really good. And it made me realize something: when it comes to my favorite artists, I imagine them arriving fully formed, but there are many projects before they make anything they can show publicly. Annie played guitar since she was little, got into a well-known music school, tried and failed to make it in New York, and toured with another group before her first album in 2007. Now she’s released four acclaimed albums and has a Grammy. It’s nice to know that people you look up to were once at the same place you are and got through it.

Other stuff:

  • If you like it, you can get the EP here (it’s not available commercially anymore).
  • Annie Clark also has a great video on making art as part of the MAKERS series.
  • One thing I miss about dorm life and Club 205 is not having conversations like this.
  • Am now 19. Hoping this new age leads to some killer art 🙂