Nothing But Other Stuff

I’m stuck in Chicago for the next month and am crazy bored/boring, hence the lack of a real post topic. I only leave my house to go to Wendy’s, Jewel-Osco, or the library, and while the life of a homebody is pretty relaxing and one I’d recommend, it doesn’t give much blog material, so move on down, nothing to read here.

Other stuff:

  • Going back to Tucson next month, thank God. (Can’t believe I just thanked God for Tucson). Being at home is suffocating. My mom says I act like I don’t have a family, which is fair, but I can’t help it. I’m ready for an evolution and that’s not happening around old people or in old places.
  • I need to live somewhere cool and rainy once I graduate; I can’t take any more heat. All suggestions are appreciated. Seattle seems pretty perfect except that it’s in a major earthquake zone 😦 Though I’d rather risk an earthquake than deal with an Arizona summer.
  • Went to Chinatown today with some very cool family friends. Gorged myself on chow mein, potstickers, and sweet and sour chicken without a lick of shame. Also learned that proper chopstick use isn’t something my muscle memory covers.
  • Nothing makes you feel like you’re putting your English degree to good use like recognizing the Mrs. Dalloway allusion at the start of a New York Times short story.
  • Have eight books out at the library plus a suitcase full of my books. Please send help.
  • Basking in The Kilroy’s 2016 List. The Kilroys are a group of playwrights and producers fighting for gender parity in theater. Every year they publish The List, a list of the best plays by female and trans playwrights, so that underrepresented work gets more exposure. The plays are always killer and it makes searching for stuff to read a lot easier. Check it out, you won’t regret it.
  • Reading Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor only reinforced her position as my favorite author. Topdog/Underdog by Suzan-Lori Parks was also quality. Currently reading The Awakening by Kate Chopin.
  • New season of Star vs. the Forces of Evil premiered Monday! (Wrote a spec script for the show in high school so I have a soft spot for it). Disney XD released the premiere on their YouTube channel for free so you can watch it here. Also Steven Universe is back on the 18th 🙂


    1. Well Virginia Woolf said that highbrows (those who devote themselves to art and ideas), “…for some reason or another, are wholly incapable of dealing successfully with what is called real life,” so that’s one potential reason (and the one I like most).

      The truthful one is that I’m broke and boring and would rather sit at home and read for free than burn through money going about town. Plus the only thing I actually want to do here is shop in nice stores, an activity of limited interest when one can’t actually purchase things. Anything else I could do (walk around, go to a party or free festival, etc.) is almost always less interesting than reading something. Don’t have to pay for transit or be in crowds or deal with heat 🙂

      tl;dr I don’t like shit, I don’t go outside


      1. Well said, I suppose. It’s funny, though, because you were always out and about in Tucson. Why don’t you set yourself a challenge though, like working out or doing something with your family? It’ll give you something to do in the day besides feeling like you’re not writing.


      2. Nah, those things are kinda vomitrocious. My solution to feeling like I’m not writing has been to write, specifically a short story. I am leaving my house this week though so that’s progress.


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