Through The Mire

My experiment is failing. I didn’t get a job this summer so that I’d have more time to read and write and it’s been a mess. Issues:

  1. It’s hard to set a schedule and stick to it when you only have one task a day. When I procrastinate I note how I have the whole day to write, until I don’t.
  2. I keep getting distracted in the morning. Waking up late and playing video games with your brother doesn’t make for a good writing life. 
  3. I beat myself up for not spending more of the day writing even when I do write. 

I’m trying to straighten the whole thing out now. Hope it works out.  

Other stuff:

  • Hung out with Kasey and her family which was great since they’re my favorites. Also Kasey’s a really good cook now. She made tacos with beans, baked sweet potato, and sauce that were phenomenal. Watching her prepare the meal felt like watching a magician. And here I am barely able to make a sandwich.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a crazy good novella. Do yourself a favor and read it (and if you say you’ve already seen the movie I’ll smack you). The fact that Capote was able to craft a character like Holly Golightly makes me jealous. No Longer At Ease and Hooded or Being Black for Dummies were also quality. Currently reading Every Day  Is For The Thief by Teju Cole.
  • This unreleased St. Vincent track from her last concert is adding to my constant hunger for new St. Vincent songs.
  • Helped build a hoop in our backyard for my little brother. He pledged me 10% of his future income should he make it to the NBA so this could be the most lucrative work of my life.
  • Kevin Durant is such a loser for going to Golden State. Moving to a team because you’re not good enough to beat them is not superstar behavior in any way. Should’ve stayed at OKC.
  • Went to a 4th of July get-together with family friends in St. Joseph, MI that was pretty fun 🙂 The highlight: watching the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest. Describing the winner, Joey Chestnut, who ate 70 hot dog in 10 minutes, the announcer said, “He has God’s username and password and he does with it what he chooses! He is American exceptionalism! He is America!”




  1. Man, I never knew writing was so difficult! Good on you to keep on it and decide to try to straighten things out rather than drop the activity entirely.
    Hmm, maybe I should also turn my little brother into a superstar athlete and get a percentage pledged as well!
    How was Fourth of July in The United States of aMURACA? 😛


    1. It’s really not that difficult. I’m just the worst person to have ever attempted it. It was pretty chill. Highlight was watching a hot-dog eating contest which was the best thing ever. A dude ate 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes. The announcer said the following about the winner following the win: “He has God’s username and password and he does with it what he chooses! He is American exceptionalism! He is America!” Constant fireworks were annoying though. Did it register for you at all abroad?

      Also can’t believe I left the hot dog story out of my post. Edited it in now.

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      1. Haha you’re far from the worst to ever attempt it, or you’d have given up like the rest of us who declared we’d be creative writers ;P
        That’s an interesting thing to say. Have you read Ender’s Game?
        Also, so does that mean God’s power equals America? There were some fireworks and my friend and I struggled to remember the pledge of allegiance, but other than a discussion with two Germans who were also 19 about the cost of higher education in our respective countries (it’s free in Germany), it passed unremarked upon. This is actually my fourth Fourth spent out of the country. 😎


      2. Dang, nice. I just tried to think of the pledge words. I think I have them all, but some are jumbled. Never read Ender’s Game. Why? And I’m not entirely sure what he meant, but it was too funny, especially given how revolted everyone around me was by the contest (I loved it though). Did you run into a lot of other travelers?

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      3. In the book, the kids are given accounts on these laptops they’re given, and one really smart one hacks the system to create a new account named “God” and send messages to the other kids.


      4. Everybody else was revolted?? Strange, I’d have thought it be more normal. We do run into a lot of other travelers! Although not as many because it’s the low season.


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