Big City Living: A Very Short Play

Characters: HOMELESS MAN  – Late 40s, early 50s.

Setting: Downtown Chicago, summer afternoon, present day.

Note: No seats for the audience since they’re in the play. City living is not a spectator sport.

Scene 1:

HOMELESS MAN sits on top of a milk crate and visibly urinates while the audience walks briskly on-stage, going about their business. When he is finished, he stands up, grabs his milk crate, and walks off-stage. 


Other stuff:

  • Based on a real event. You see a lot of odd stuff walking around Chicago.
  • Finished Gone With The Wind which was highly entertaining and wholly depressing.
  • The reading of Eclipsed by Danai Gurira I’m involved in (assistant dramaturg) is tomorrow which is exciting. The actresses were fantastic in rehearsal so it should be a great time. There’s also a cool pre-show event which will hopefully come together well. And I’m doing the post-show discussion O.O
  • I really need to do some more writing 😦 Not writing when you should be writing is gross.
  • Don’t stay up until 3 am Skyping if you have to go across the city the next morning.

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