The Blessing

It seemed like a blessing fell in my lap when I went through my mail a few days ago. My summer plan was to read and write all day, but it faced a few roadblocks: my dad constantly telling me to get a job, my limited finances, and the fact that being at home is incredibly boring. Thus, when I read a letter from a local employer looking for summer workers—$17 an hour, all majors accepted, no experience necessary—I strongly considering applying.

First, though, I had to look into it. After all, what kind of company pays $17 an hour with no experience necessary, and why does the letter have no details about the job? Normally I’d throw it out right there, but I was pretty desperate.

I looked up the district manager and he seemed to exist. LinkedIn said he was a sophomore at a local college. How does a sophomore end up district manager of anything? I wondered, but at least that part checked out. I then looked up the company, Vector Marketing. This is what turned up: Vector Marketing is the domestic sales arm of Cutco Corporation, an Olean, New York based cutlery manufacturer. Hell. No. A crappy sales job sounded hellish, and the work, while not technically a scam, was definitely not my thing. My only other encounter with Cutco was when a desperate acquaintance messaged me on Facebook so she could present knives to my parents. Not exactly a flattering image of the job. I tore up the letter and made peace with unemployment. So went my first venture into the world of job hunting.

Other stuff:

  • Finished Everything I Never Told You and it was great. Am now reading The Year of Magical Thinking. Borrowed that, Blue NightsA Raisin in the SunBossypants, and Yes Please from the library a few days ago.
  • I actually do want a job, but not badly, so I doubt I’ll end up getting one. I suppose I could join the proud, storied tradition of writer/baristas or something.
  • Related: why are so many so-called writing jobs unpaid? Some examples on Craigslist: “Write THREE melodies/songs for a one-act musical” “Art, Music, and Culture Journalism Internship” (no pay, but great opportunities for exposure!) “Music and Tech Writing Interns.” First, why the obsession with exposure? I’m a writer, not a nudist. Second, it’s bad enough not getting paid, but it’s even worse when the place offering to “expose” you is some no-name publication. Why they think their exposure is valuable is beyond me.
  • An actual blessing that fell into my lap recently is that the place I’m living in next semester will have some killer furnishing: memory foam beds, a hammock, a sofa, a desk and chair in each bedroom, and a dining room setup. Corey’s mom is officially my new favorite person.
  • Strongly considering buying a ticket for the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series.

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