On Changing

After the first few days of what I’ve dubbed the summer of change, I can now say that trying to change yourself is weird. It feels like self-surgery; some changes are easy, painless, and wholly positive, but others are approached will all the certainty of an operation done blindfolded. You take the scalpel and pray you don’t remove anything vital. That’s what I’m doing right now, anyways.

Other stuff:

  • Another weird thing is visiting people you’ve left. It’s weird in a good way though; catching up with people you’ve missed is fun. Just don’t expect too much. If you’re hoping for a you-shaped hole in the social fabric you can slip back into, you’ll find that those holes are stitched shut pretty quickly.
  • Media Consumption Report: My Mad Fat Diary is amazing, as is Everything I Never Told You. I’ve also gotten hooked on petitepearstyle’s travel vlogs. Watched her Hong Kong trip last week and am about to start on her Japan trip now. When you have no money to do anything, it’s nice to watch others doing things. Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper is out and as quality as I’d hoped for. It’s been on heavy repeat for the past few days.
  • Have a net worth hovering around $20 at the moment. It’s not a lifestyle I’d recommend.
  • When I’m in my room (which I now share with my little brother) I’m largely confined to my bed since there’s a large piano in the room and my bags are scattered all over the floor. It’s like being stranded on an island. This has its perks though: on an island, no one can reach you.
  • This blog is now a solo blog (formerly a joint blog). Also, there’s a short About Me page now.
  • I apologize for all the times I made fun of Tucson for having rock lawns instead of actual lawns. Mowing the lawn is awful.

One comment

  1. See! Tucson has perks, like no lawns. I’m glad to hear we’ll be getting even more Gabe, since hopefully you’ll be writing more to make up for the lack of another person ‘posting regularly’ as well…. Also, I totally feel the island effect; I haven’t unpacked yet either. But that doesn’t stop people from reaching me.


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