A New Hope

I’ve been sick for the past week, and not some average sickness, either. I’ve coughed constantly: loud, raspy, phlegm-filled coughs that gave me sharp headaches and sounded like my bones were being sawed. For the last hour of my fiction class, my legs shook uncontrollably and I couldn’t focus. After waking from a nap, I spent fifteen minutes stumbling around my room wondering if the assignment in my dream was real or not. In short, it’s been rough. Thankfully, I’m just about healed—only slight coughing now. More importantly, I’m newly hopeful. I’d been hating school and Arizona for weeks, and if you’d asked me a few days ago, I’d have gladly given my limbs to get out of here. On Tuesday, though, I woke up feeling much better. Soon after on that same morning, I made a wonderful discovery. About a month ago, I fell in love with The Mary Tyler Moore Show and was watching the first season on YouTube when they took it down. Having since resigned myself to a Mary-less existence, I was delighted to learn that the first three seasons are free on Hulu.

It made not just my morning, but my week. The moment I heard the theme song again, I felt my heart soar, and when I hummed it on my way to class, the campus looked more vibrant. It was as if just watching Mary’s life made my life better. The moral is if you’re feeling down, try finding joy in something simple. It might seem silly, but it’s easy, and it works. Plus, it makes you appreciate the little things more. As cheesy as it sounds, you never know how much they affect you until you don’t have them.

Other stuff:

  • While I am newly hopeful, I’m still ready to get out of here, and I’m only a week and change from doing so. Done with all my major assignments except finals, so now it’s just waiting.
  • Finally have my schedule for next semester. I was supposed to register a month ago, but due to financial issues, I had a hold on my account, so I registered last week. During that time, I’d missed my chance to enroll in a playwriting class with Elaine Romero—or so I thought. Yesterday, I got an email from the Theater department advisor saying that she tried to add me into the class again but I had scheduling conflicts, and that I’d need to respond in a few days if I still wanted to take the class. Cue me immediately tearing up my schedule to fit the class over the next twenty minutes. The new schedule isn’t what I’d planned with my advisor, but I’m finally enrolled in Intro to Playwriting 🙂
  • Got an award at the Spring Fest for being a good German student. Received a certificate and a German novel (Alle Geschichten die ich kenne) which I’m excited about.

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