Weird Things About Tucson

As the semester wraps up, I want to look back and take stock of things. Of my relationships, of my progress, but mostly of my radically different living situation (for those of you unaware, Tucson is not at all like Chicago). This reflection has led to a startling confusion: Tucson is seriously weird in so many ways. Thus, this list. By the end of it, I’m sure you’ll have the same question I do: what is wrong with this place?

  • No Daylight Savings 😦 Never again will I know the feeling of waking up with somewhere to be and realizing that I didn’t have to be out for another hour.
  • NO NICE STORES!!! No Tommy Hilfiger, no Ralph Lauren, no Zara, no Burberry. Not that I can afford to shop at any of those, but it’s nice to know they’re there if I ever need them. Also, they make walking downtown a lot nicer. (Sidenote: my sources aka my friend Phoebe says that Tucson is super poor).
  • Hearing Arizonans talk about Arizona. It’s something that makes sense in theory since they live there and all, but I don’t get how it interests them, and I definitely don’t get why they talk about it with non-natives. It’s already miraculous that I’ve heard of Phoenix and Tucson, much less places like Scottsdale and Flagstaff.
  • No storm drains in a city that has monsoons regularly.
  • Tucson International Airport. It’s actually a pretty good airport despite higher prices than the Phoenix airport (small with solid service so you get in and out easily) but my little brother breaks into loud laughter whenever the idea of someone flying into Tucson is expressed (for understandable reasons).
  • Cacti. Terrible plants. They don’t smell nice, they look stupid, and they’re dangerous. Why they are allowed to persist is beyond me. In a similar vein…
  • Deserts are gross. Sand and dust everywhere. It’s like the whole state is ashy.
  • People wait at crosswalks here. I get that in Tucson you guys have nowhere to be but if there’s no oncoming car, then the sign is an honorary walk signal.
  • Still not quite sure what an Eegee is.
  • U of A uses E instead of F on grading scales. Need I say more?

Despite all that, in some weird, the-dust-has-clearly-gone-to-my-brain type of way, I’m still falling for you Tucson.



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